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On Being Community Focused

Jessica Roach - ROOTT

We have the support, the knowledge, the background and our experiences that tell us we know how to take care of ourselves...

Jessica Roach
Founder, Executive Director of ROOTT
Dr. Amos N. Wilson

You cannot consume yourself into equality, you must produce yourself into equality; you move into equality and beyond by productive thinking.

Dr. Amos N. Wilson
Theoretical Psychologist and Social Theorist
Renee Walters

It’s now time for us to get our friends and family together and build for ourselves. That's the only way we’ll be safe, and that’s the only way that this will work. We have to start bringing each other together.

Renee Walters
Founder of The Freedom Georgia Initiative
Killer Mike

We have a responsibility to do better as Black people in this country. I don't care how white people look at you - I care that we have a one-trillion-dollar spending base, and if you want to see change, you have to start to focus on, economically, how can we change our communities.

Killer Mike
Co-Founder of Greenwood Bank, Entrepreneur, Activist, Rapper and Actor
Nipsey Hussle

When you talk about Black entrepreneurship, you're talking about addressing the foundation of what's going on with our people when we don't have any financial power. Our basic needs aren't being met in a lot of cases, so there's no way we're going to be able to tap into our potential until we address those bottom-level base needs.

Nipsey Hussle
Entrepreneur, Activist, Rapper and Actor The Marathon Clothing Store